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Career Facts (4:18)
US Vets TV reporter Sarah Selz visited The Center for Military and Veterans Education at Tidewater Community College, a clearinghouse for academic and student support services dedicated to more than 14,000 military students at the Tidewater Community College. Students at the Center tested Career Facts, a customized Self Solutions Web-based application that helps veterans connect to job opportunities.
Session 1: Self Solutions Overview (06:57)
CEO Jim Pfautz provides an overview of Self Solutions, a veteran owned organization that helps employers assess and remove barriers to excellence in order to create a corporate culture that recognizes that people are a company’s greatest asset. Self Solutions works with companies to design programs that optimize employee opportunities, maximize workforce performance and increase profitability.
Session 2: Self Solutions Case Studies in Specific Markets (06:29)
CEO Jim Pfautz discusses three case studies that give examples of strategies that his company, Self Solutions, implemented to maximize workforce performance and increase profitability in specific markets. At a manufacturing plant that suffered a 10 million dollar loss due to improper procedures, Self Solutions studied group dynamics and helped improve operations management. In an academic institution, Self Solutions provided students with a pathway to careers by assessing their needs and connecting them with education and mentoring opportunities. For law firms Self Solutions designed a system that when applied universally and fairly in recruiting, hiring, promoting and firing people, mitigates against equal opportunity litigation.
Session 3: Self Solutions On line Demo (05:43)
Jim Pfautz, CEO of Self Solutions demonstrates how his company’s software can be used to identify procedures that can enhance peak performance in the workplace from both the employer’s and the employee’s perspective.
Interview with Jim Pfautz, CEO of Self Solutions, Inc. (06:13)
USVets.TV’s Sarah Selz interviews Jim Pfautz, CEO of Self Solutions, Inc. on the company’s value proposition and mission as Self Solutions steps up to sponsor USVets.TV’s webcast coverage of the Military Bowl

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About Self Solutions, LLC
Self Solutions, LLC (, solves problems better than the rest because we see the world differently, drawing upon our diverse experiences across the military, business and educational sectors. Our leadership and supporting team includes seasoned leaders with extensive military experience, business leaders and consultants, and professors of business and industrial/organizational psychology.

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